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Client: Blue Beat Digital

Blue Beat Digital eCommerce Website

Read about our approach and methodology used to create an MVP for their eCommerce site that helped them increase sales by 3X.

With a very tight deadline, we needed to redesign Blue Beat Digital’s eCommerce website to help them achieve higher conversion rates.


Prior to our work on this project, Blue Beat’s eCommerce website was not optimized for user experience. We started with mapping the UX flow for all the pages on the site in order to understand how users can go about various tasks thereon. We then redesigned the landing page based on the insights that we had obtained during our usability testing.


One of our biggest challenges was to get the new site live in half the time while maintaining the highest quality, most robust solution with a design that future-proofs this large 500+ SKU eCommerce website from today to tomorrow. What you don’t know is that the quality of the website you are browsing on was developed within 2 weeks with over 100 customisations. We’re not just saying this to brag but to show you what’s possible when you choose the right partners for your eCommerce project

Project developed in partnership with Dutwaa Creative Agency.

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