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Why WordPress is the Best Choice for your eCommerce Website

Wordpress and Elementor is the best choice for your eCommerce website because it’s easy to use, has customer service you can rely on, and offers the widest array of plugins to suit your needs.

Why Elementor & WordPress Makes it Easy to Create an eCommerce Website

No matter what type of business you have, it is important to have a website. Having a website will allow for your customers to see exactly what you have to offer and will also help with SEO. There are plenty of great platforms that you can use for building a site, but we are going to take a look at the benefits of Elementor and WordPress for creating an eCommerce website.

There are many reasons why Elementor and WordPress make it easy to create an e-commerce website. These two platforms give users the ability to create their own layouts as well as edit the content on their site without any coding skills needed. In addition, these platforms allow users to easily integrate their products.

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Choose WordPress and Elementor for Your Online Store

WordPress is the most popular website builder and with good reason. It offers a ton of features and allows you to customize your site to suit your needs. Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin that lets you customize the layout of your site with drag and drop functionality.

There are three reasons why you should always choose WordPress and Elementor for your online store:

  1. WordPress offers a ton of features which allows you to customize your site to suit your needs,
  2. The Elementor plugin lets you customize the layout of your site with drag and drop functionality,
  3. You can create as many pages as you want without any limits or restrictions.

“I couldn’t find a better solution for building an ecommerce store for Leafboards. Elementor gave me the chance to create an entire online shop in a simple and flexible way. Definitely the #1 website builder in the world.”
Giovanni Fabris, Digital Marketing Freelancer & Creator of Leafboards

Elementor Website

Benefits of Hosting an eCommerce Site on WordPress

The benefits of hosting your eCommerce site on WordPress are endless. With the right plugins and integrations; you can grow your customer base, increase your revenue, and scale up your online store easily without any headaches.

WordPress has a huge community which means there are plenty of people who have already solved common problems that beginners may face with their site. The support from the community as well as the software’s robust features will help you run your online store seamlessly without any hassle or interference from other parties. 

Let’s not forget about the integrations from all the major Payment Gateways and Shipping Companies, especially in South Africa – with PayFast, Yoco, PayGate, Peach Payments and The Courier Guy just to name a few. We will also assist you in setting these up if you are just starting out.

Our experience in building eCommerce websites

We have built numerous eCommerce Websites over the years, for startups and major brands. A few notable websites are Cadac South Africa, Fairy Crafty Creations, SunUp Solar and Craftlink Distillery. Each one is powered by WordPress and Elementor. As certified Elementor Experts, we specialise in creating amazing websites using this powerful tool! Our team understands how important your business’s online presence is; it needs to be inviting and engaging while also functional (and not complicated). With all that being said, there is no greater website builder on the market that can compete against Elementor and WordPress.

Other major eCommerce Websites running on WordPress

If you aren’t convinced yet, here is a list of other major companies running on WordPress to streamline and host their eCommerce Websites;

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