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Why We Use SiteGround for Our Clients

What are the advantages of using Siteground with us? You can read this post with most common questions about choosing a good web hosting service.

SiteGround is one of WordPress’s best supported website hosting platform, and we use it for all of our clients (and even for our own website) — and here we would like to show you the amazing reasons why.

Their platform is powered by Google Cloud, creating a powerful and technically superior hosting service. Some main selling points are:

  • SSD persistent storage: Distributed storage running on SSD disks for an optimal speed and a high-level of redundancy.
  • Ultra-fast network: Google is known for maintaining one of the fastest and best connected networks.
  • 100% renewable energy match: Google matches 100% the energy consumed by their operations with renewable energy.

The 3 Reasons Why SiteGround is the Best Web Hosting Provider for Your Business

1. The Support

SiteGround has an exceptional support department. They are very prompt in responding to customer service tickets, they are always courteous, and they have an excellent knowledge base.

We can guarantee that website, domain and email errors will normally be resolved in the same day (sometimes the same hour). SiteGround has a team of professionals dedicated to resolving your issue as quickly as possible. 

2. The Performance

SiteGround hosting has officially launched their new game-changing service. It is called SiteGround Boost, and it is the fastest hosting around.

SiteGround has been in the game for a long time. They have always had one of the best uptimes that you could find for your website, but now they are taking their game to the next level with SiteGround Boost.

This new service does not only give you access to their high quality services but it also guarantees 60x faster load times than any site on the market.

4. The Technology

SiteGround has an exclusive partnership with Cloudflare which helps ensure that your site will be online even if it comes under cyber attack or malicious activity to provide you with one of the fastest. SiteGround is also based on the Google Cloud Platform to offer 99% uptime guarantee that ensures that your site will be up even in extreme conditions like natural disasters or power outages.

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