Digital marketing trends in 2018

September 1, 2018

We love marketing, it is part of our DNA. And much like most things in life – it is constantly changing. We have seen the trends – and the biggest push we have seen in 2017 is Video. Video is King, and we are its followers.

If Facebook continues as an innovator in the video marketing industry, then we predict that next year there will be an even bigger increase in people uploading, sharing, and discovering videos on Facebook. As touched upon above, Facebook recently introduced live video and the reception has been very positive.

Twitter users are big on video, with 82% of users agreeing that they watch videos on a regular basis. Live video creates a new opportunity for marketers because viewers feel a sense of urgency knowing that they won`t be able to view the content in real time again. It`s this `limited` nature of live video that will increase the popularity of the platform and make it a feature to look out for in 2017.

Video marketing is effective for one simple reason: consumers like to watch videos! Watching a video is an easy way to digest information; and it`s almost as good as seeing the product you`re looking to purchase in person. For this reason, we predict that sales teams will require more and more video resources in 2017.

According to recent studies by Wyzowl, only 4% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service by reading a manual, just 5% prefer speaking to someone on the phone, and a huge 44% prefer to watch a video. Gone are the days where a brand would create a video, upload it to YouTube, dust off their hands, and get back to other marketing tasks.

More recently, social media channels have become the best place to share videos and gain exposure for your brand. Infotainment is almost like a new genre of marketing videos. As the name suggests, it is the amalgamation of `informative` videos and `entertainment` videos. Without entertainment, users will click away from your video and forget all about you. Virtual Reality has caused quite a disruption in the video world this year, and that looks only set to continue into 2017.

At the moment, VR videos are still a gimmick, a “Nice-to-have”. Well until of course the now owned by Facebook, Oculus takes off commercially. Then this conversation of being a gimmick will fade – just like Periscope & the soon to be Snapchat in our opinion.